2022/2023 List of Free Tuition Universities in Finland

Numerous free tuition Universities in Finland are affordable. Therefore, students preparing to study here should be able to provide other things for themselves such as accommodation, transportation, feeding, books, and many other things. Based on the assumed estimation, it will cost about £600 to reside in this country as a student.

Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries located in the Northern part of Europe and shares boundaries with other countries like Russia, Norway, and Sweden. As a result of this, they are members of the European Union and Nordic family simultaneously. The Finnish people pay attention to quality education and it has reflected on their educational system.

Besides studying in this country, there are lots of rooms for international students to create networks with other students from various origins. It is advisable to have some level of fluency in Finnish to interact with other students, lecturers, business associates, etc. If you have the intention of studying in a country that offers potential opportunities for you to get one, then you can think of Finland.

Brief Facts about Finland

  • It is the happiest country in the world
  • Nearly half of the country entire population reside in Helsinki
  • Their language is much different from Scandinavian languages
  • Finnish students must learn Swedish at high school
  • They are the largest coffee drinkers in the globe
  • There are over 187,888 lakes in the country
  • 74% of the country landmass is filled with forest

Reasons to Study in Finland

If you are in between the valley of indecision on studying in any of the free tuition Universities in Finland, here are the reasons to consider Finland itself:

  • It is one of those peaceful countries for international students to study
  • The country has tertiary institutions with a high-quality education
  • They have an ecosystem that is comfortable for humans
  • The oxygen in this country is the third cleanest in the globe
  • They have diverse innovations in the country

What is the Amount of Money that is Required?

Since it is a tuition free university, you are required to have some money with you to cater for your living expenses. For instance, if are a student whose country is not a member of the European Union or European Economic Area will be expected to pay tuition fees.

Every department or faculty has its estimated fees, but the tuition lies between €4,000 to 18,000. There is part-time work for both domestic and international students to earn extra income for miscellaneous bills.

Free Tuition Universities in Finland

Here they are:

  1. Diaconia University of Applied Sciences:

It is also known as DIAK and it is one of the cheapest schools for international students. The school offers different instructions diaconal work, health care, social work, etc. The university is a private-based school sponsored by different bodies such as foundations, individuals, church organizations.

Despite having affiliation with the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland, still students are not compelled to leave their faith and follow the faith. The tuition fee for undergraduate programs is between €4,000 to 5,000, while for postgraduate programs is €6,000.

  1. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences:

It is situated in a small town known as Kajaani which happens to be the heartbeat of Finland. The school is built on a small acre of land similar to the town, and they have over 2000 students enrolled in diverse programs. The small population of the school hasn’t stopped the school from doing exploits regarding education.

In 2019, the university obtained an accolade on satisfaction rate amongst others in Finland. They have both undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students in courses, and the tuition fee for both Undergraduates and postgraduates is €6,000.

  1. Novia University of Applied Sciences:

The school has four different locations in various towns, and it was established in 2008. It is one of the free tuition Universities in Finland that has both undergraduate and postgraduate with over 4000 students.

The major goal of the school is to train up entrepreneurs to have valuable skills that will make them earn a living for themselves. Also, they have internships to make students have practical ideas in their careers. The tuition fee for undergraduates is €6,000, while the graduate program is €11,000.

  1. Centria University of Applied Sciences:

It is found across three towns in Finland, and the main goal is internationalization. Presently, the school offers three bachelor’s degrees for students in English language such as Engineering, Health Care, and Business Administration, and one postgraduate degree.

It has approximately 3,000 students undergoing either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the school. In the future, the intention is to make plans to expand to attract more foreign students. The tuition fee for undergraduates is between €7,000 to 8,500, while for postgraduate is €7,500.

  1. Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences:

The University is located in two different towns – Iimaoki and Seinajoki in Finland. When you are enrolled in the school, you have an opportunity to study in any of the faculty such as Faculty of Health Care and Social Work, Faculty of Food and Agriculture, Faculty of Technology, and Faculty of Business and Culture. You can study in some of the programs in which the English language happens to be the teaching command. The tuition fee for an Undergraduate is €7000, while masters are #€8,000.

  1. JAMK University of Applied Sciences:

It is another school that happens to be one of the free tuition Universities in Finland. JAMK has 6 bachelor’s and 6 master’s programs in various courses in English language and lots of international students are getting enrolled in them.

They have four different schools as the School of Technology, the School of Business, the School of Professional Teacher Education, and the School of Health and Social Studies. The tuition fee for Undergraduate is €8,000, while postgraduate is €9,000.


  1. University of Eastern Finland:

In 2010, the school was created from the merging of two institutions. Presently, they have campuses in places like Kuopio, and Joenauu. These places are the two largest cities in Finland located 130km apart from each other.

Students have the opportunity to study for either their master’s or doctorates in faculties like Faculty of Science and Forestry, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Faculty of Health Science, etc. The tuition fee for studying in any of the programs is between €8,000 to 10,000.

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