B&B Theatres

B&B Theatres

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B&B Theatres

B&B Theatres is a family-owned chain of movie theaters that primarily operates in the United States. Here are some key points you should know about B&BTheatres:

History and Ownership:

B&B Theatres was founded in 1924 by Elmer Bills Sr. and his wife, Ida Bills, in Salisbury, Missouri.

It started as a small-town theater and has since grown into one of the largest family-owned theater chains in the country.

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The company has been passed down through generations of the Bills family.


B&BTheatres operates multiple locations across various states in the United States, including Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Iowa, and more.

They have both traditional movie theaters and newer concepts like dine-in cinemas.

Variety of Cinemas:

B&BTheatres offers different types of cinema experiences, including standard theaters, luxury and premium screens, and dine-in theaters.

These various formats cater to different audience preferences and offer a range of viewing experiences.

Dine-In Theatres:

One of the notable features of B&BTheatres is their dine-in cinema concept.

In these theaters, you can enjoy a meal while watching a movie, as they offer a menu of food and drinks

that can be ordered and delivered directly to your seat.

Events and Promotions:

B&BTheatres often hosts special events, promotions, and screenings for various occasions. These can

include advance screenings, themed events, film festivals, and more.

Community Involvement:

Being a family-owned business, B&BTheatres has often been involved in local communities. They might

partner with local schools, charities, or organizations to give back and support causes.

Technological Advancements:

Like many theater chains, B&BTheatres has likely been updating its theaters with the latest audio and

visual technologies to enhance the movie-watching experience, such as high-quality sound systems and

digital projection.

Online Booking:

B&B Theatres likely provides online booking options for movie tickets, allowing customers to conveniently select seats and purchase tickets in advance through their website or mobile app.

B&B Theatres

B&B theatres morrisville park west 14

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B&B theatres shawnee 18

Show times, Movies and Tickets

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