Christian Review Super Mario Movie

Christian Review Super Mario Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Christian Review

Christian Review Super Mario Movie
Christian Review Super Mario Movie

Christian Review Super Mario Movie. Mario and Luigi are household names, widely recognized by people of all ages.

While I’ve dabbled in a few rounds of Mario Kart over the years, I’ve never delved into the intricate world of its characters or the rich backstory that accompanies it.

Thus, I ventured into this cinematic journey with a genuinely unblemished perspective. In this Christian review of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, I aim to equip parents with essential insights before they embark on this adventure with their children.

Christian Review Super Mario Movie
Super Mario Movie review

This computer-animated film has been a long-awaited endeavor, marking a significant departure from its predecessor.

The last Mario cinematic venture, dating back to 1993, was a resounding failure. For years, there lingered a pervasive doubt regarding Shigeru Miyamoto’s willingness to entrust Hollywood with his cherished characters once more.

The prospect of another Mario movie only came into serious consideration when he crossed paths with Chris Meledandri of Illumination Studios.

In this latest cinematic creation, Miyamoto exercised considerable authority, given his unwavering commitment to exacting standards. Yet, the looming question remains: can this movie truly meet the expectations of its eager audience?

Overview: A Christian Perspective on “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”

Meet Mario and Luigi, a pair of Italian-American siblings residing in the bustling streets of Brooklyn, New York. These twin brothers earn their living as plumbers, sporting the iconic mustaches reminiscent of their video game personas. Yet, in a departure from tradition, their thick accents are noticeably absent. Throughout the film, the iconic red caps adorned with a distinctive white ‘M’ emblem are a constant presence.

Mario and Luigi find themselves engrossed in their plumbing duties, addressing a problematic water main break, when an unexpected twist of fate propels them into an otherworldly adventure through a mystical pipe.

A Christian Perspective on "The Super Mario Bros. Movie"
Super Mario Movie review

In the fantastical realm of Mushroom Kingdom, a land ruled by the enchanting Princess Peach, a remarkable adventure unfolds.

This captivating land is home to Mario, a brave and resolute hero, whose arrival brings forth an extraordinary journey.

However, a sinister plot has unfurled as Luigi, Mario’s beloved brother, finds himself ensnared by the malevolent Koopas under the tyrannical reign of King Bowser.

This formidable monarch is not only a fearsome fire-breather but also harbors a wicked desire to make Princess Peach his bride. Bowser’s misguided confidence in winning her heart drives him relentlessly.

In the midst of this turmoil, Mario, driven by unwavering determination, embarks on a quest to rescue his captive brother.

To aid him in this noble endeavor, Princess Peach, with her grace and wisdom, joins him on this perilous journey.

Their destinies intertwined, they set out to seek the assistance of Cranky Kong and the wondrous Kong Kingdom, where they hope to gather allies and resources that will help them confront the looming darkness that threatens Mushroom Kingdom.

The Studio

Announcing a spectacular collaboration between Illumination and Nintendo, a groundbreaking animated film set in the beloved Super Mario Bros. universe.

Mark your calendars because the much-anticipated release is set for April 5, 2023, in North America and April 27, 2023, in Japan.

The visionary directors behind this exciting project are none other than Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, the brilliant minds behind the fan-favorite “Teen Titans Go!” and “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.”

Crafting the screenplay is the talented Matthew Fogel, known for his work on “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part” and Illumination’s “Minions: The Rise of Gru.”

Prepare to be awestruck by an all-star cast that includes Chris Pratt as the iconic Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as the charming Princess Peach, Charlie Day stepping into the shoes of the lovable Luigi, Jack Black as the

formidable Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key as the ever-energetic Toad, Seth Rogen taking on the role of the mighty Donkey Kong, Fred Armisen lending his voice to the wise Cranky Kong, Kevin Michael Richardson as the mystical Kamek, and Sebastian Maniscalco as the spiky Spike.

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In a collaboration of epic proportions, this film is produced by none other than Illumination’s founder and CEO, Chris Meledandri, and Shigeru Miyamoto, the legendary creator of Nintendo.

As a testament to its grandeur, Universal Pictures and Nintendo are joining forces to co-finance this cinematic masterpiece, with Universal Pictures spearheading its global release. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other as Super Mario takes the big screen by storm.

The Studio

What Parents Seek to Understand – A Christian Review of the Super Mario Bros. Movie

Content Evaluation: (The Language Used in the Movie)

The language in this film is remarkably clean throughout. While there are occasional instances of mildly objectionable phrases like “stupid” and “dumb,” such instances are the extent of foul language in the movie. However, there are instances of threatening dialogue.

For instance, one character menacingly declares, “I intend to fracture every bone in your diminutive physique.”

There’s also the phrase, “Pain is the most effective teacher,” which, while potentially true in some contexts, is spoken by a character who is actively causing pain to another character.

Additionally, a character confined in a cage utters negative lines such as, “The only solace lies in the embrace of death,” along with other pessimistic expressions.

Intensity: (Violence)

The PG rating comes into play here, as the movie delves into the realm of animated comic book action. Explosions and combat sequences mirror the adrenaline-pumping battles found in video games. When projected onto the grand cinema screen, these spectacles appear larger than life compared to the modest TV screen at home.

One particularly striking scene features a monstrous floating island adorned with eerie, glowing eyes that may send shivers down the spines of certain young viewers.

Characters find themselves imprisoned within menacing cages, and at a critical juncture, they confront the perilous prospect of being gradually lowered into a seething pit of molten lava. In a moment of tension, the formidable Bowser ominously declares, “I shall perform a ritualistic tribute in your honor, sacrificing them.”

Intensity: (Violence)

A character violently slams a piano cover onto another character’s outstretched hands. In one poignant moment, a flashback unfolds, revealing a harrowing childhood episode where one child relentlessly torments another.

Some unfortunate characters undergo a bizarre transformation, morphing into eerie, animated skeletons known as “Dry Bones.”

Bowser, along with his formidable army comprised of Koopas, Dry Bones, and Boos (ethereal floating ghosts), is hell-bent on annihilating the Mushroom Kingdom and eliminating anyone who dares obstruct his malevolent plans.

Later, in the heart of Brooklyn, Bowser goes on a rampage, hurling cars, demolishing structures, and spewing fire in a frenzied frenzy, all with the singular aim of obliterating Mario.

A character undergoes a mystifying metamorphosis, turning into a feline and viciously scratching another character. In a particular scene, Mario is depicted with a grievous injury to his eye.

Adverse Aspects: (Negativity)

Mario and Luigi find themselves caught in the disapproving gaze of their father, who openly voices his disappointment in them.

They, in turn, internalize this disappointment, reflecting on their shortcomings. Similarly, Donkey Kong shares a poignant connection with his own father, echoing these sentiments of disappointment.

In several instances, the atmosphere was filled with incessant outbursts of shouting and frantic screams.

Donkey Kong proudly showcases his muscular prowess by flexing his powerful pectoral muscles.

Adverse Aspects: (Negativity)

Supernatural Forces: (Spiritual Elements)

Within this mystical realm, characters harness extraordinary abilities to wage war against their adversaries.

These extraordinary powers are bestowed upon them through the consumption of mystical fungi known as “super mushrooms.”

These enchanted mushrooms grant a diverse array of abilities, including the power to alter one’s size at will.

Additionally, a fabled Tanuki leaf holds the secret to transforming into a mischievous raccoon, while an ice flower bestows the gift of wielding frigid powers.

The fire flower, another magical botanical wonder, grants the formidable ability to hurl blazing fireballs. And although it remains shrouded in mystery, whispers persist of a cat bell that possesses the uncanny ability to transform one into a feline entity.

Cosmic Mysteries:

In the midst of this enchanting world, Princess Peach ponders the vastness of the cosmos. Her origins remain an enigma, and the journey that led her to the Mushroom Kingdom as a young girl remains an elusive tale shrouded in the mists of uncertainty.

Favorable Aspects: (The Positive Elements)

In the realm of optimism, Mario firmly holds the belief that the path to success lies in his unwavering partnership with Luigi.

He confidently states, “No harm can befall us when we stand united.” This resounding theme of camaraderie and unity resonates prominently across the entire cinematic narrative.

Furthermore, Mario exhibits an indomitable spirit, repeatedly putting his own life on the line to come to the aid of others.

As the credits roll, Mario and Luigi’s father, along with Donkey Kong’s paternal figure, acknowledge the commendable strengths and virtues possessed by their respective offspring.

The Positive Elements

Super Mario Bros. Movie: A Delightful Family Experience – Christian Review and Viewing Tips

Prepare for an enchanting cinematic journey suitable for the entire family! “Super Mario Bros. Movie” is a visually vibrant and captivating film that effortlessly engages even the youngest of viewers with its dazzling graphics and brisk narrative pace. Moreover, it’s a treasure trove of nostalgia for avid Nintendo fans, brimming with delightful references from the gaming world.

Personally, I found this movie so delightful that I eagerly anticipate a repeat viewing. The joy lies in the intricate nods to Nintendo and its cherished NES games of yesteryears, making it a thrilling endeavor to spot and relish every hidden gem throughout the film.

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The Super Mario Movie Cast

Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario

Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach

Charlie Day as Luigi

Jack Black as Bowser

Keegan-Michael Key as Toad

Seth Roger as Donkey Kong

Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong

Sebastian Maniscalco as Foreman Spike

Charles Martinet as Mario & Luigi’s dad

Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek

Khartoum Payton as the Penguin King

Rino Romano as Uncle Tony

John DiMaggio as Uncle Arthur

Jessica DiCicco as Mario’s mom

Scott Melville as Koopa General

Eric Bauza as Toad General

Juliette Jelenic as Lumalee (a Luma)

Charles Martinet voiced Mario and Luigi since Mario’s Game Gallery to the present.

Director: Aaron Horvath

     Michael Jelenic

Writtten by: Matthew Fogel

Producer: Chris Meledandri

     Shigeru Miyamoto

Music by Koji Kondo’s (original Nintendo themes)

           Brian Tyler

Based on Mario by Nintendo

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