FForest Fest | Morris, IL

FForest Fest | Morris, IL

Morris, IL

FForest Fest | Morris, IL

FForest Fest, named after the Norwegian term for existing, accomplishing, and creating within the forest, captures the essence of this one-day festival.

Ensure you don’t overlook this enjoyable occasion brimming with live music, shopping, dining, drinking, and imaginative pursuits.

It’s a gathering that embraces and celebrates individuality, where everyone is encouraged to express their true selves.

fForest Fest is a Music Festival.

fForest Fest is a Music Festival.

Experience a full day of live music amidst the trees at fForest Fest, a music festival rooted in pop/punk genre and showcasing a fondness for singer/songwriters.

Their talented bands frequently grace the airwaves of Faction Punk radio station and have made appearances on the renowned Flogging Molly Cruise.

You can also find their music on Spotify and catch their electrifying performances at various festivals worldwide, including Riot Fest, as well as on their global tours.

In 2023, these bands collectively journeyed an impressive 6,000 miles to deliver their exhilarating sets at fForest Fest.

To be a part of this unforgettable musical extravaganza, you only need to make your way to Morris, IL, and at the affordable price of $10 per ticket, it offers the most budget-friendly concert lineup of the festival season.

Mark your calendars for June 1, 2024, and make sure not to miss out.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the bands that will grace the stage. (The lineup typically features a minimum of 6 bands.)

The festival admission fee is $10 per person, applicable to ages 6 and above, extending up to 106 years old. Children aged 5 and below can enter for free.

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Reentry is allowed with a wristband, which can be obtained at the gate. Tickets can only be purchased on-site, as there is no pre-sale option available currently.

The gates will open at 10:00 am, and the music performances will commence at 10:15 am.

Music serves as a unifying force, bringing people together.

Feel free to bring your own chair or blanket to enjoy the show, whether you prefer to watch or join in the dancing.

You’ll have ample opportunities to shop and grab a bite to eat in between the different music sets.

Obtaining festival merchandise is a way to commemorate your attendance.

Festival-related items can be found in the ‘Merch Tent’ located next to the stage.

Additionally, you might catch the musicians signing autographs and selling their own merchandise in the Merch Tent before and after their performances.

You can also Listen to the bands from 2023 fForest Fest.
Here’s the 2023 Spotify playlist.


Liam Kyle Cahill
Part Time Problems
Andrew David Weber Band
Jon Snodgrass & Band
Bad Year
The Tossers
Bad Cop / Bad Cop


Liam Kyle Cahill
Andrew David Weber Band
Homeless Gospel Choir
The Tossers
Run Forest Run

fForest Fest food

fForest Fest is food!

fForest Fest have 18 different food trucks for you to explore, so why not join us and indulge in a full day of eating?

The Food Truck Rally offers a wide range of culinary options, including pizza, pretzels, ice cream, Hawaiian cuisine, seafood, eggrolls, chicken, vegan dishes, kettle corn, iced coffee, desserts, and more! You can sample all these delectable treats from various trucks, trailers, and tents.

Stay refreshed and hydrated by enjoying beverages from our food vendors, such as soda, juice, iced coffee, and water.

For those of legal drinking age, a community organization (usually the Fraternal Order of Eagles) will be serving adult beverages.

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You can purchase a variety of options like Bloody Marys, Margaritas, beer, and more at the two BAR locations.

Please note that the sale of alcoholic beverages is restricted to individuals aged 21 and over, and a valid state ID is required.

You may also want to explore their selection of 16 packaged food vendors, offering a range of products from locally made BBQ sauces to packaged juices and sweet treats.

You can enjoy these items during the festival and also take some home with you.

The Food Truck Rally is usually held on the outskirts of the festival, at beautiful Goold Park in downtown Morris, IL.

Rain or shine, the show always goes on. If you happen to purchase more than you can carry, don’t worry! You can take your items to your car and reenter the festival with your wristband.

fForest Fest is food!


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