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John Nesta Marley

John Nesta Marley: Unveiling Facts About the Celebrity Child

John Nesta Marley

John Nesta Marley, widely recognized as the son of Jamaican entrepreneur and former college football player Rohan Marley and American singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer Lauryn Hill, is a figure of interest for many.

Explore the intriguing details about John Nesta Marley, including his age, birthday, Instagram presence, parents, Lauryn Hill, siblings, Bob Marley’s lineage, Rohan Marley’s net worth, and more.

John Nesta Marley Wikipedia, Wiki, Bio

John Nesta Marley, born in 2003 in Kingston, Jamaica, is the offspring of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, a pair of renowned celebrities.

His siblings include Joshua Omaru Marley, Zion David Marley, Selah Marley, Sarah Marley, Nico Marley, and Eden Marley.

Micah Hill is his half-brother. The illustrious lineage extends to his grandparents Bob Marley, Valerie Hill, and Mal Hill, and great-grandparents Norval Marley and Cedella Booker.

John Nesta Marley Age, Birthday

John Nesta Marley

As of the current writing in 2023, John Nesta Marley is around 20 years old, having celebrated his 20th birthday recently.

John Nesta Marley Parents, (Dad & Mom)

The child of Rohan Marley, a Jamaican entrepreneur, and Lauryn Hill, an American singer, John Nesta Marley’s parents commenced their relationship in 1996.

Despite not formalizing their union in marriage, they shared a romantic journey that brought five children into their lives before parting ways in 2009.

John Nesta Marley Instagram

Active on Instagram under the username ‘johnnyycash,’ John Nesta Marley boasts around 10.9k followers. His father, Rohan Marley, can also be found on Instagram with the username ‘romarley.’

What is the Jamaican meaning of Nesta?

The name “Nesta” finds its roots in Greek Hagni, signifying “chaste.”

Rohan Marley: His Career and Net Worth

Born on May 19, 1972, in Kingston, Jamaica, Rohan Marley, the father of John Nesta Marley, has forged a multifaceted career.

Apart from his achievements in football, he established Marley Coffee, an organic coffee plantation in Jamaica.

With ventures like Jammin Java, eco-friendly headphones, and Tuff Gong Clothing Company, Rohan Marley’s diverse business pursuits contribute to his estimated net worth of $20 million.

Rohan Marley’s Personal Life

Rohan Marley’s personal life involves marriages, divorces, and meaningful connections. His first marriage to Geraldine Khawly resulted in two children, Eden Marley and Nico Marley.

Subsequently, his relationship with Lauryn Hill blossomed, leading to five children and a separation in 2009.

After engagements and a previous marriage, Rohan Marley wed Brazilian model Barbara Fialho in 2019, welcoming their daughter Maria in 2019.

Lauryn Hill: A Glimpse into Her Life

Born on May 26, 1975, Lauryn Hill, the mother of John Nesta Marley, is a multifaceted individual. Raised in East Orange, New Jersey, Lauryn’s diverse interests in academics, sports, and music paved her path to success. Lauryn and Rohan’s relationship resulted in five children, including John Nesta Marley.

Joshua Omaru Marley, Sarah Marley, and Bob Marley

Joshua Omaru Marley, the older brother of John Nesta Marley, was born on January 26, 2002. Sarah Marley, John’s younger sister, maintains a low profile.

The legendary Bob Marley, John Nesta Marley’s late grandfather and Rohan Marley’s father, left an indelible mark on the music industry with iconic albums such as “Exodus” and “Natty Dread.”

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Intriguingly, John Nesta Marley’s lineage intertwines with a rich tapestry of musical, entrepreneurial, and familial achievements, reflecting the legacy of his celebrated parents and grandfather.


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