Vaarasudu Movie Review

Vaarasudu Movie Review

Vaarasudu Movie Review 123telugu

Vaarasudu Movie Review
Vaarasudu Movie Review

Vaarasudu Movie Review 123telugu: Thalapathy Vijay, a beloved figure in the Telugu states, has graced the silver screen once again with his latest offering, “Vaarasudu.”

Directed by the talented Vamshi Paidipally and featuring the charming Rashmika Mandanna as the female lead, this eagerly anticipated family entertainer has hit theaters, and it’s time to delve into what it brings to the table.


  1. Vijay,
  2. Rashmika Mandanna,
  3. Prakash Raj,
  4. Jayasudha,
  5. SJ Suryah,
  6. Srikanth,
  7. Shaam,
  8. Yogi Babu,
  9. Suman,
  10. Sarathkumar,
  11. Prabhu,
  12. Sangeetha, & More…

Director: Vamshi Paidipally

Producers: Dil Raju, Sirish, Sri Harshith Reddy, Sri Harshitha

Music Director: Thaman S

Cinematography: Karthik Palani

Editor: Praveen KL

Thalapathy Vijay’s Latest Venture “Vaarasudu”: A Blend of Family Drama and Entertainment


“Vaarasudu” revolves around Rajendra (Sarathkumar), a successful businessman facing a pivotal decision. He must choose his successor from among his sons, portrayed by Shaam and Srikanth.

However, there’s a third son, Vijay Rajendra (Vijay), who has distanced himself from the family due to misunderstandings.

As the family teeters on the brink of disintegration, Vijay steps up to mend the fractured bonds. The film unfolds the narrative of how Vijay takes on this responsibility, and how he resolves the family’s deep-rooted issues.


Thalapathy Vijay, in his inimitable style, delivers a commendable performance. It’s been a while since we’ve seen him in a classic family drama, and he shines with his witty one-liners, impactful dialogues, and captivating screen presence.

His impeccable timing in delivering humor strikes a chord with the audience, and he doesn’t disappoint in the emotional scenes either.

The film masterfully balances its emotional aspects, maintaining a lighter tone that resonates with viewers.

The “Amma” song, the soul of “Vaarasudu,” is thoughtfully placed and adds to the film’s emotional depth. The narrative incorporates well-executed moments in both halves, strategically deployed to keep the pacing engaging. Elevation scenes featuring Vijay offer genuine whistle-worthy moments.

The comedy sequences, particularly those involving Vijay and Yogi Babu, evoke genuine laughter. The boardroom scene in the second half is a highlight, injecting hilarity and energy into the film. The ensemble cast, including Jayasudha, Sarathkumar, Srikanth, Shaam, and Sangeetha, all deliver strong performances in their respective roles.


The film’s most significant flaw lies in its excessive runtime, which can test the patience of even the most ardent viewers. At nearly three hours, it dilutes the overall impact and causes some well-crafted moments to go unnoticed.

Unnecessary and prolonged sequences detract from the experience, indicating room for improvement in editing decisions.

The storyline of “Vaarasudu” is not groundbreaking, and some scenes feel reminiscent of other family dramas, adhering to a well-worn template.

The antagonist, played by Prakash Raj, suffers from underdeveloped characterization and limited scope for performance.

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Certain scenes appear conveniently scripted for the protagonist, undermining their significance. Rashmika’s role is limited to a couple of songs, and the potential drama between Vijay and Sarathkumar falls short of expectations. Inconsistencies in the film’s VFX work further mar the viewing experience.

Vaarasudu Movie Review
Vaarasudu Movie Review

Technical Aspects:

Producer Dil Raju’s substantial investment in the film is evident in its top-notch production values. The visuals are a feast for the eyes, exuding a festive aura, thanks to the skilled cinematography of Karthik Palani. Thaman’s music and background score stand out, enhancing the film’s impact significantly.

The editing could benefit from more judicious pruning, as approximately fifteen minutes of excess footage could have been excised.

Director Vamshi Paidipally opts for a formula-based storyline, injecting entertaining moments at strategic intervals. However, he could have exercised more restraint in managing the film’s length, even though he does justice to presenting Vijay in a favorable light.


“Vaarasudu” presents a passable family drama interwoven with moments of entertainment. Thalapathy Vijay’s presence and Vamshi Paidipally’s efforts to elevate the actor’s performance are sure to delight fans.

However, the film’s extended runtime demands patience from viewers, and the overall experience is hindered as a result. “Vaarasudu” is a watchable option for the festive season, though it may not leave an indelible mark.

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